VFW Auxilary

Established 1914, members of the VFW Auxiliary to the Veterans of Foreign Wars set out to serve the veterans of this country and our communities in honor of the sacrifices and commitment of every man and woman who has served in uniform. We have unwavering support for uncommon heroes.

The VFW passed a resolution to amend Article XI, Sections 1101-1104 of their National Bylaws at their 116th National Convention in Pittsburgh on July 20, allowing male family members to join the VFW Auxiliary effective August 21, 2015.
A few facts about the change:
* It is not a merger of the Ladies Auxiliary VFW and Men’s Auxiliary VFW.
* It changes the name of the Ladies Auxiliary VFW to VFW Auxiliary and allows spouses and eligible male relatives to join the VFW Auxiliary.
* Males who wish to join the VFW Auxiliary will be required to fill out a membership application, provide proof of eligibility, and their application will be voted on just as females who wish to join.
The former Ladies Auxiliary VFW, founded in 1914, is the VFW’s highly regarded support organization and is considered its “Partner in Service.”
Under its former name Ladies Auxiliary VFW, membership within the organization was offered exclusively to female spouses and family members of any member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars. The gender-specific eligibility requirement remained for more than 100 years until July 20, 2015, when delegates to the VFW’s 116th National Convention in Pittsburgh voted to amend the dated by-law to extend the same membership opportunity to eligible males.
Appropriately, the Ladies Auxiliary VFW has changed its official name to the VFW Auxiliary.
“It’s an exciting time to be a member of the Auxiliary,” said National President Francisca Guilford. “Women comprise nearly twenty percent of our nation’s military, and this change allows all spouses, fathers, grandfathers, sons, grandsons and brothers to serve others in honor of their veteran.”
Currently, the Auxiliary has more than 465,000 members, a number that is now expected to sharply increase over the next year. Its members represent all 50 states, the District of Columbia, several foreign locations including Germany, Guam and Panama, and have made an impact in local communities around the globe.

Who is eligible for membership in the VFW Auxiliary?


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The Auxiliary Contact is Kim Cook – (443) 605-8911